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Today we released a new teaser clip on Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo featuring a deeper look into the world of Project London. In this clip you will be introduced to the opposing forces in the movie, namely Joint Command and The London Underground.

The music is “Multiply” by Half Acre Day and is available exclusively on the Project London Soundtrack Album. We recommend playing this clip with your volume control turned way up. For all things Half Acre Day, visit

Also going out starting today is the first news release for the movie, titled, “Project London: A Perfect Blend of No Money, No Hollywood, and Tons of Mind-Blowing Special Effects”.

About Project London:

Project London is a feature length, no budget, independently produced and distributed, science-fiction, action-adventure, and effects film shot entirely in high definition digital video. For more information visit:

About Spiral Productions LLC:

Spiral Productions is a Limited Liability Corporation based in the Pacific Northwest of the United States of America, that produces a wide range of media for corporate and consumer audiences.

Introducing: Project London

All Volunteer + Almost No Budget + Open Source 3D Software
+ 774 Visual Effects = Project London | Visit the Official Movie Website.