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Kickstarter Success!


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The Project London Kickstarter Campaign was a tremendous success thanks to the many backers and supporters who shared the campaign accross social media and plunked down their cash to pickup copies of the finished movie and other perks. We were surprised and elated to exceed our fundraising goal by such a substantial amount. The goal of this campaign was to raise the money necessary to complete and release the Project London Soundtrack album, DVD and Blu-ray disks. All of these items have now been created. All rewards and perks have been sent to our backers. And now, merchandise from The Project London Universe is available for purchase directly from the Official Movie Website.

A special page has been created on the Official Project London Website to recognize and thank all of the supportors who’ve helped us finish Project London via their generous contributions through Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

Introducing: Project London

All Volunteer + Almost No Budget + Open Source 3D Software
+ 774 Visual Effects = Project London | Visit the Official Movie Website.