Kickstarter Success!


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The Project London Kickstarter Campaign was a tremendous success thanks to the many backers and supporters who shared the campaign accross social media and plunked down their cash to pickup copies of the finished movie and other perks. We were surprised and elated to exceed our fundraising goal by such a substantial amount. The goal of this campaign was to raise the money necessary to complete and release the Project London Soundtrack album, DVD and Blu-ray disks. All of these items have now been created. All rewards and perks have been sent to our backers. And now, merchandise from The Project London Universe is available for purchase directly from the Official Movie Website.

A special page has been created on the Official Project London Website to recognize and thank all of the supportors who’ve helped us finish Project London via their generous contributions through Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

The Project London Soundtrack is now available for purchase as a digital download via iTunes Worldwide (Standard Release) and select additional music outlets (Spotify, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Xbox Music, Shazzam, and Rhapsody) or the Official Movie Website (Deluxe Version with 4 bonus tracks) where you can also get it on Compact Disk. Fans have consistently called out the soundtrack as one of the things they love about Project London.

This collection of songs delivers a full wallop of neo-classic-rock, back-porch-pop, dream pop/shoegaze, ambient, electronic, dubstep, some seriously big beats and bitchin’ guitars plus select soundbites from the movie. All of the artists involved are amazing. It’s no wonder that this music will eat your planet. Here’s the track list.

1. Bad Bad (Feat. Josh Truax, Jen Page, & Geoffery Simmons) ~ Wesley Slover (2:00)
2. Pythagoras Switch ~  Half Acre Day (3:28)
3. Scared of the Dark ~ Fitzsimon & Brogan (2:57)
4. Multiply (Lunar Singles Mix) ~ Half Acre Day (3:02)
5. The Underground (Featuring Justin Tracy and Josh Truax) ~ Wesley Slover (5:29)
6. Machine Is My Animal ~ City of Satellites (7:25)
7. The Canyon ~ Umpire (5:18)
8. Nebraska ~ Wesley Slover (3:23)
9. Astronauts ~ Half Acre Day (4:45)
10. Joint Command ~ Wesley Slover (1:57)
11. Anemones ~ Half Acre Day (4:05)
~ bonus tracks (available on the Deluxe version only) ~
12. Landmines ~ Heliocentric (3:17)
13. Multiply (Project London Mix) ~ Half Acre Day (3:00)
14. Tell Me ~ The Prawns (1:56)
15. Wave The Planet Goodbye ~ Soren Laulainen (2:16)

The Pythagoras Switch Music Video (above)

Half Acre Day composed and performed a wonderful song exclusively for Project London. The resulting music video features a lot of never-before-seen clips from the movie–so much so, that it’s like another trailer. Watch the video at the top of this post.

The Project London Soundtrack Album

Produced by: Phil McCoy
Mastered by: Ross Nyberg

In a move designed to thank the Blender community for their support and to bring attention to Project London, Spiral Productions is making key Blender Rigs from the movie available for download. Donations are welcome, and the money will be used to help finish the movie. The producers are hoping that fans will incorporate these rigs into their own films and share them with the community.  Fans just need to respect the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. What does that mean? It means that anyone can use the rigs in any project they want as long as they apply the same Creative Commons License to their work and give us credit for our contribution. That’s it.

Here’s a few thumbnails of the rigs that are available. If you’d like to learn more or get the rigs for yourself, visit this page on the official movie website.

Project London in Wired UK!


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A new article on Project London, taken from the July 2011 issue of Wired UK magazine, touts the open-source aspects of Project London. Check it out.

Project Manhattan + Graphic Novel


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Spiral Productions LLC has released two brilliant literary, artistic works in support of their upcoming, independent, almost-no-budget feature film, Project London.

Now available, two novels from the movie’s official website, the prequel novella, Project Manhattan, is the first installment of the story that culminates in Project London. A graphic novel of Project London, based on the movie’s screenplay, presents a much darker exploration of the epic story and realigns it into a completely new, visual experience for the printed page.

The two new books debuted at the 2011 Emerald City Comicon in March, where the supplies of each book sold out at full price, with minimal promotion, to both existing and new fans of Project London from around the world. Showing its support for the movie’s growing fan base, Spiral Productions has made digital previews of the two books available for free on the Project London website, including the first 15 pages of Project Manhattan and 61 pages (nearly half) of the graphic novel.

Both Project Manhattan and the Project London graphic novel are now available for media reviews. The next steps for the books include feature trailers soon available on YouTube, the release of digital (both) and audio (Project Manhattan) versions, and global distribution via and Barnes & Noble.

About Project Manhattan:

Authored by writer Caleb B. Wheeler, the Project Manhattan prequel novella is the first installment of the story that culminates in the Project London film. A 15-page preview is currently available for everyone on the Project London website. The book’s story is set World War II, when an orphaned alien race comes to Earth offering advanced, power-shifting technologies to the side they believe will win the war… in exchange for a place to live. The ominous, catastrophic devastation it creates during the war leads to the development of even more powerful, mind-boggling weapons. Many began questioning the motives of these visitors, including some of the aliens themselves. But the real question is where did they come from? And what happened to their home world?

“Project Manhattan is full of imagination and fascinating details,” said Project London Writer/Director Ian Hubert. “Wheeler has created a believable alternate look at one of humanity’s darkest moments, with a vivid piece of work that stands on its own as a fantastic piece of fiction.”

About the Project London Graphic Novel:

Artist Branson Anderson created the Project London graphic novel based on Hubert’s screenplay for Project London. Branson was given freedom and license by Hubert and Executive Producers Phil and Nathan McCoy to realign the Project London story into a completely new experience for the printed page. Starting today, a 61-page preview is now available on the Project London website.

“I love that the Project London graphic novel is not a scene-for-scene replay of the movie,” Project London Executive Producer Nathan McCoy said. “As a graphic novel fan, I don’t find much use for books that are frame-by-frame visualizations of a movie. Branson’s novel will be familiar and yet different and very fun.”

Introducing: Project London

All Volunteer + Almost No Budget + Open Source 3D Software
+ 774 Visual Effects = Project London | Visit the Official Movie Website.